Since the goal of bringing the utility in daily life, work, safe in the protection of property and peace in human life, more than 20 years of development and growth SQ Vietnam always perfect, devote energy Maximum capacity in order to serve customer needs through shaping and improving the system of subsidiaries and associated companies in the region respond promptly buildings springing up on land potential Central. To date, Vietnam SQ flattered and proud to be a leading brand reputation Vietnam Central Region in the field supply, repair and maintenance of fire protection system
A workforce of young, dynamic and professional practices, mature projects specialized installation work under the motto "Be devoted - Intelligence - Speed" continuous improvement, training, learning continue to promote innovation, help Vietnam confirmed SQ capacity, committed to quality and economic efficiency for investors and reputable brand.
Peaceful life of people on every road crossing SQ is the most eloquent testament to the success of Vietnam SQ and SQ members. We thank you and look forward to continuing to receive the interest and support of customers, the organization specialized in the development stage today and tomorrow.
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